Langham Court Theatre

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Langham Court Theatre is a community theatre in Victoria, BC.


The Victoria Theatre Guild is one of the oldest community theatre groups in Western Canada. Founded as the Mimes’ and Masquers’ Guild in the fall of 1929, the theatre building was originally a carriage house for The Laurels (now the large apartment house at the corner of Rockland Avenue and Langham Court).

When The Laurels became the Collegiate School for Boys in 1903, the carriage house was transformed into a classroom, then later an auditorium and gymnasium – and finally a theatre when the Victoria Little Theatre bought the building in 1940. A great deal of work has gone into developing the theatre into its current state, with the addition of a stage, theatre seating, dressing rooms, washrooms, props, scenery storage areas, a lighting booth, lighting lofts, a grid, a costume loft, a laundry room, a workshop, a lobby, and a lounge area and bar.

Over the years, Guild members have presented 3,000 performances of more than 500 shows to nearly a third of a million patrons. These shows called for work by around 28,100 volunteers, working as designers, directors, set builders, technicians, stage managers, actors, front-of-house, administrators, and so on.

In addition to many actors, backstage works, social organizers, and gardeners, the theatre is supposedly inhabited by a ghost. Some claim she is a stable hand, others say a student from the old St. George’s School for Girls (successor here in 1912 to the Collegiate School for Boys) – but most agree it is a female spirit. Many members working late at night claim to have seen or sensed her.

Langham Court Theatre is the name of the venue. The Victoria Theatre Guild is the name of the Society – a group of community members – that makes the theatre its home.

Mission Statement

A welcoming theatre community with a passion for creating vibrant, engaging entertainment.

Current Season

  • Pride and Prejudice (Oct 2014)
  • The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs (Nov/Dec 2014)
  • People (Jan 2015)
  • The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Mar 2015)
  • August: Osage County (Apr/May 2015)
  • Humble Boy (Jun 2015)

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