Kevin Loring

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Kevin Loring

Kevin Loring (born November 24, 1974) is a Canadian playwright, actor and teacher, known for his play, Where the Blood Mixes. Loring is also the the National Arts Centre’s first artistic director of its new indigenous theatre department[1].

Life and Career

Loring was born in the Lytton First Nation in British Columbia.

Loring shot to prominence in Canadian theatre in 2008, when his play Where the Blood Mixes premiered at the Luminato Festival in Toronto. A moving work about the intergenerational effects of the residential school system, it went on to win him the Governor-General's Award for English-language Drama and be presented at the NAC's English Theatre in 2010 when he was playwright in residence[2].

Loring created the Songs of the Land project in 2012 in partnership with five separate organizations in his home community. The project explores 100-year-old audio recordings of songs and stories of the N’lakap’amux People. Loring has written two new plays based on his work with the community including Battle of the Birds, about domestic violence and power abuse, and The Boy Who Was Abandoned, about youth and elder neglect[3].

Loring has served as the co-curator of the Talking Stick Festival, as Artist in Residence at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre, as Artistic Director of the Savage Society in Vancouver, as a Documentary Producer of Canyon War: The Untold Story, and as the Project Leader/Creator, and Director of the Songs of the Land project in his home community of Lytton First Nation[3].

As an actor, Loring performed with the NAC's English Theatre in 2003 in a production of Marie Clements's Burning Vision that was directed by Peter Hinton, who would soon become the artistic director of the English Theatre and invite him to join its company of actors. In 2012, Loring gave a standout performance as Edmund in Hinton's trailblazing all-Indigenous production of King Lear. In 2017, he performed in Corey Payette's musical, Children of God[2]. He has also performed in other stage roles including Michel Tremblay's Saint Carmen of the Main, George Ryga's The Ecstasy of Rita Joe.

His screen credits include roles in Da Vinci's Inquest, Arctic Air and Health Nutz, and the film Pathfinder[4].





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Name:Kevin Loring
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