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Kate Story is a performer, writer, originator, collaborator, theatre cheerleader, and director. Originally from Newfoundland, she lived for seven years in Toronto and now makes her home in Peterborough, Ontario.

She has been nominated three times for the Ontario Arts Council's KM Hunter Artist Award, and has been named one of Peterborough's top 100 most significant performing artists.


  • damned be this transmigration (an original work about writer Don Marquis)
  • Performances May Be Permanent (a dance-theatre work about Glenn Gould and her mother, upcoming at St. John's Festival of New Dance)
  • Insomnia (a dance-theatre work)
  • …and again, until we get it (reviewed by Paula Citron at Toronto's international dance festival as “…a fascinating duet for a disabled woman and an able-bodied man where the power between the two keeps shifting.”
  • Biology as Peepshow (with visual artist Caroline Langill).

Story has worked with theatre companies as diverse as DNA, R. Murray Schafer, 4th Line Theatre, Dick's Kids, and Nightwood Theatre.

She is also a published novelist and short story writer.


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