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Julie Tamiko Manning is a stage voice actor, theatre creator, and indie producer based in Montreal. [1]

Life and Career

Julie Tamiko Manning is a third generation Japanese Canadian. [2] After Julie graduated from The Dome Theatre Program in 1991, she performed various places across Canada. Her theatre credits are not limited to straight plays. She appeared in physical theatre such as The Place Between and Medeamaterial and musical theatres such as “The Full Molly” and “The Music Man.”[3] In 2009, her first play, "Mixie and the Halfbreeds," (co-written with Adrienne Wong) were produced in Neworld Theatre, Vancouver [4]. In the same year, she met Matt Miwa who is a third generation Japanese Canadian. Both of their families went to Tashme, an internment camp during WW2, and they shared their story of their ancestors, problems which younger generations face today, and their cultural identities. Cooperating with Matt, Julie startedThe TASHME Project: The Living Archives, a one oct verbatim, or documentary-style play which traces the experience of the Japanese Canadian internet camp during WW2, through stories of 30 second Japanese Canadians from Vancouver, Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, Ottawa and Montreal. [2] In 2011, the first show of The TASHME Project was performed on Powell Street [2]. She is also an associate artistic producer of Metachroma Theatre and works for minority actors in Canadian Theatre.[4]

Works [3]

Theatre (selected)

  • “Othello” (Segal Centre)
  • “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Repercussion Theatre)
  • “Innocence Lost” (Centaur Theatre)
  • “Richard III” (Metachroma)
  • “For Art’s Sake” (Geordie Productions)
  • “Mother Courage” (National Arts Centre)
  • “A Christmas Carol” (National Arts Centre)
  • “Rock, Papper, Jacknife…” (Talisman Theatre)
  • ”Mixie And The Half Breeds” (Neworld Theatre)
  • “Skin” (Black Theatre Workshop)
  • “Life Its A Dream” ((Scapegoat Carnivale)
  • “The Elephant Song” (Infinitheatre)
  • “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland” (Geordie Productions)
  • “Edmund The Terrible Raccoon” (Geordie Productions)
  • “Seeds” (Projet Porte-Parole)
  • “Brahm & The Angel” (Geordie Productions)
  • “Hunted” (Urban Ink)
  • “Burning Vision” (Rumble Theatre)
  • “Girls! Girls! Girls!” (Teatro Comaneci)
  • “See Bob Run” (Mandela Houde)
  • “A Promise Is A Promise” (Carousel Players)

Dance /Physical Theatre

  • “The Place Between” (Cheyikwe Performance)
  • “Medeamaterial” (The Other Theatre)

Musical Theatre

  • “The Full Molly” (Out If The Mouths Of Babes)
  • “The Music Man” (Lyric Theatre)


  • Cyber-Terrorism CD Rom (National Film Board)
  • Marspillami (Covitec)
  • Cosmo Fashion CD Rom (Voice Art)

Readings & Workshops (Selected)

  • “Skin” (Nightwood)
  • “Comedy Of Errors” (Roman Plays Co-Op)
  • “I Have A Story” (Imago Theatre)


  • 2015- META (Montreal English Theatre Award)-“Outstanding New Text” - The Tashme Project
  • 2014- META-“Outstanding Supporting Performance - Actress”-Othello

Training [3]

  • 2010- Canada’s National Voice Intensive (David Smukler / Judith Koltai, Ect.- Cnvi &Ubc)
  • 2009- Arrivals Project-Personal Legacy (Diane Roberts- Urban Ink)
  • 2007- Core Creation (James Long- Theatre Replacement)
  • 2005- Master Class- Daniel Macivor (Playwrights’ Workshop Mtl.)
  • 2004- Shakespeare- Don Adams (Vancouver Shakespeare Ctr.)
  • 2004- Voice And Dubbing (Michael Rudder- Actra Montreal)
  • 2002- Clown (Robert Astle- Geordie Productions)
  • 2002- Master Class (Leah Cherniak- Playwrights’ Worshop Mtl.)
  • 2002- Master Class (Denise Clarke- Quebec Drama Federation Professional)
  • 1988-1991- Theatre Program (The Dome – Dawson)

Name:Julie Tamiko Manning


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