Joseph Osawabine

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Joseph Oawabine is Odawa of the 3 Fires Confederacy on Mnidoo Mnising-Manitoulin Island. He began acting at 12 years of age, in the historical, landmark production of "Lupi the Great White Wolf" The first ever professionally produced play entirely in the Anishnaabek Language. In the mid 90's he was a core member of the "Best Medicine Troupe" an Improvisational Theatre Troupe at Debajehmujig Storytellers that would later form the foundation for the company's National Aboriginal Arts Animator Program. He was instrumental in the development of "The 4Directions Creation Process" a uniqe process of creation developed by Debajehmujig that nurtures the specific needs of artists who come from an Oral Culture. "The arist is Creation, The performance, Celebration." in 2003 he took on the role of Artistic Director at Debajehmujig Storytellers. He has directed many of Debajehmujigs group creations over the years most recently "The Global Savage's" which has brought the company back to the International community, most notably the "International Community Arts Festival" in Rotterdam, "The Oerol Festival" on Terschelling Island and "Festival 2014" The cultural component of the 2014 Common Wealth Games in collaboration with "The Citizens Theatre" in Glasgow Scotland.

Name:Joseph Osawabine