Joel Crichton

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Joel Crichton is a performer, writer, and composer currently based in Edmonton, AB. He is best known for the musicals Death: LIVE!, Twenty-Five, and his work with Rapid Fire Theatre.

Life and Career

Born in Calgary, AB. Joel attended American Academy of Dramatic Arts (Hollywood; Certificate in Acting, 2003) Red Deer College (Diploma in Theatre Studies, 2006) and the University of Alberta (BFA Acting, 2009). He served as Artistic Associate for Surreal SoReal Theatre from 2009-2010. From 2012-2014 he was Playwright-in-Residence at Workshop West Theatre.

He has been improvising with Rapid Fire Theatre since 2008, and has performed with all of RFT’s world-class troupes, including Scratch, Harold of Galactus, dot dot dot, Like Father Like Son, Olymprov, and Off Book! The Musical. In addition, he has performed with a host of international improv groups including School of Night (London), The Sufferettes (Toronto) Instant Theatre, Sunday Service and Hip.Bang! (Vancouver), Outside Joke and Crumbs (Winnipeg), Loose Moose, Dirty Laundry, and The Kinkonauts (Calgary), The Boys (Chicago), Dad’s Garage (Atlanta), 4Track and Doppelganger (New York City),The Most Beautiful People in the World (Oslo), and Picnic (Bogota).

Joel has worked as a playwright, musician, actor, and director across Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and International Waters. In 2012, he released the album Pins On A Map


  • The Antyssey (with Richard Lee) (2014)
  • Lizard At Home (web series) (2014)
  • Pins On A Map (2012)
  • Apokalyps Children (with Vincent Forcier) (2013)
  • Divide (2012)
  • Aotearoa (land of the long white cloud) (2011)
  • Twenty-Five (2011)
  • Death: LIVE! (with Jon Lachlan Stewart and Vincent Forcier) (2014)
  • Redbird (2008)
  • El Dorado (2009)



  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch - 2014 Betty Mitchell nomination for Outstanding Musical Direction
  • Murielle - 2013 Sterling nomination for Outstanding Score
  • Death: LIVE! - 2011 Sterling Nomination for Outstanding Fringe New Work