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Hart House, Toronto

Hart House Theatre is a theatre company and venue located within Hart House, a multi-center affiliated with the University of Toronto.


Hart House was originally commissioned in 1910 by The Massey Foundation, in large part due to the influence of Vincent Massey, who at the time was a student at University College, a college connected to the University of Toronto. Seeing the need for a new student center, Vincent persuaded his family to combine their plans to financially aid in the creation of a new YMCA with the investment in a new campus building. Though the proposal was approved and construction began in 1911, [1] the building, equipped with a theatre, did not open until Remembrance Day, 1919 [2]. The first Hart House Theatre production was Lord Edward J. Dunsany’s The Queen’s Enemies. Since then, Hart House has continued to produce theatre throughout the years[3] and in to the current century.[4] Their more recent productions include Much Ado About Nothing (November 4, 2016 to November 19, 2016), by William Shakespeare, and Carrie: the musical (January 20, 2016 to Febuary 4, 2017), based on the novel by Stephen King.[5]


Many notable Canadian actors and other theatre artists got their start with Hart House Theatre. They include Raymond Massey, Dora Mavor Moore, William Hutt, Donald Sutherland and more.[6]


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Name:Hart House Theatre
Location:7 Hart House Circle
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