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Gruppo Rubato is an Ottawa-based theatre company that presents new work.

Mission Statement

Gruppo Rubato presents challenging, contemporary, politically-charged Canadian theatre for a young, educated, urban audience. We are exclusively dedicated to the creation and presentation of new work, specializing in works by Ottawa artists.


Gruppo Rubato is dedicated to creating challenging, contemporary theatre for a young, educated, urban audience. The core members of Gruppo Rubato are passionate about political theatre: work that challenges audiences to reflect on their ethical and moral standpoints; work that calls for action on issues that are important to Canadians. They are exclusively dedicated to the creation and presentation of new work, and are committed to encouraging the fertility of the local arts scene by focusing on plays written by Ottawa artists. Gruppo Rubato seeks to increase the visibility of the Ottawa theatre community’s creativity by sharing its work through touring its productions, and by inviting artists from other communities to take part in their creative process.

Since its founding in 2002 by Patrick Gauthier and Tania Levy, Gruppo Rubato has produced seven original plays, four of which were presented at Fringe festivals in six major Canadian cities. This track record of new creation is unique among Ottawa-based theatre companies. The company currently consists of four core members – Patrick Gauthier, Kris Joseph, Tania Levy, and Gavriella Silverstone – and has become known for its dark humour, biting satire, and stylized performance.

In 2003, Gruppo Rubato was invited by Ottawa’s Great Canadian Theatre Company to produce a show for their Great Canadian Late Night Series, while from 2004-2007 the company toured nationally on the Fringe Festival circuit, winning multiple awards and praise in the process. In 2007 Rubato’s The Churchill Protocol was invited to participate in the Magnetic North Theatre Festival’s Industry Series Pitch Session for delegates from across the country, the continent, and the world. Most recently, Ottawa’s Rideau Awards recognized the company’s production of The Churchill Protocol, naming the play Ottawa’s “Best New Creation” of 2007, while the Great Canadian Theatre Company has invited Rubato to participate in the GCTC’s highly sought-after Production Mentorship program.


  • ...and what she found there (2002) by Tania Levy
  • Listening (2003) by Edward Albee
  • So, You've Decided To Be Evil (2003) by the Gruppo Rubato ensemble
  • pygM@ILion (2004) created by the Gruppo Rubato ensemble
  • The Man Who Went To Work One Day and Got Eaten By A Bear (2006) by Patrick Gauthier
  • The Opposite of Infinity (2006) by Tania Levy
  • The Churchill Protocol (2007) by Patrick Gauthier and Kris Joseph
  • 8 Words That Ruined My Relationship (2008) by Patrick Gauthier
  • Airport Security (2010) by Patrick Gauthier
  • Snapshot (2012) by Karen Balcome

Production Team

  • Tania Levy - Artistic Director
  • Patrick Gauthier - Core Member
  • Kris Joseph - Core Member
  • Gavriella Silverstone - Core Member

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