Governor General's Literary Award for English-Language Drama

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The Governor General's Literary Award for English-language drama recognizes the best published Canadian plays. The award was created in 1937 as the Governor General's Literary Award for English language poetry or drama, but the poetry and drama awards were separated in 1981.

From 1937–1980, the only drama to win the 'poetry or drama' award was in 1962 when James Reaney won for both his poetry collection Twelve Letters to a Small Town and for The Killdeer and Other Plays.

Winners and Nominees

Year Winner Nominated
1981 Sharon Pollock, Blood Relations
1982 John Gray, Billy Bishop Goes to War
1983 Anne Chislett, Quiet in the Land No shortlist.
1984 Judith Thompson, White Biting Dog
1985 George F. Walker, Criminals in Love
1986 Sharon Pollock, Doc
1987 John Krizanc, Prague
1988 George F. Walker, Nothing Sacred
1989 Judith Thompson, The Other Side of the Dark
1990 Ann-Marie MacDonald, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
1991 Joan MacLeod, Amigo's Blue Guitar
1992 John Mighton, Possible Worlds and A Short History of Night
1993 Guillermo Verdecchia, Fronteras Americanas
1994 Morris Panych, The Ends of the Earth
1995 Jason Sherman, Three in the Back, Two in the Head
1996 Colleen Wagner, The Monument
1997 Ian Ross, fareWel
1998 Djanet Sears, Harlem Duet
1999 Michael Healey, The Drawer Boy
2000 Timothy Findley, Elizabeth Rex
2001 Kent Stetson, The Harps of God
2002 Kevin Kerr, Unity (1918)
2003 Vern Thiessen, Einstein's Gift
2004 Morris Panych, Girl in the Goldfish Bowl
2005 John Mighton, Half Life
2006 Daniel MacIvor, I Still Love You
2007 Colleen Murphy, The December Man
2008 Catherine Banks, Bone Cage
2009 Kevin Loring, Where the Blood Mixes
2010 Robert Chafe, Afterimage
2011 Erin Shields, If We Were Birds
2012 Catherine Banks, It Is Solved by Walking
2013 Nicolas Billon, Fault Lines: Three Plays
2014 Jordan Tannahill, Age of Minority: Three Solo Plays