Gein Wong

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Twitter: @geinwong

Gein Wong is an interdisciplinary director playwright, spoken word poet, music composer, and video artist. Her works focus on subjects like gender, class and race. Her art have been shown and performed across Canada, in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, East Asia and the United States. She is published in the Playwrights Canada Press Anthology Refractions Solo and is a featured artist in Diaspora Dialogues’ 5th Anniversary Commemorative Book. [1]

Life and Career

Gein is an artist of First Nations and Asian decent. Her more recent works focus on Indigenizing minds and spaces. She is an inaugural member of the TAC Cultural Leaders Lab where she is a part of Revolution City, a project that seeks to centre Indigeneity in the city. Gein has also co-developed “Water is Our Womb”, a water retreat that centres Indigenous water teachings and outdoor artistic creations. Gein creates large scale performance experiences that empower and elicit empathy. She conceived and directed “Say Their Names, Remember”, a 500 person performance art piece which will opened the Ai Weiwei exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Gein is very involved in her community, being the Artistic Director of Eventual Ashes, the community arts organisaiton, Asian Arts Freedom School, and a co-owner of the world’s oldest LGBT bookstore, Glad Day Bookshop. [2]



Stage Director

  • Names (2013), Ai Weiwei Exhibit
  • Hiding Words (for you) (2012), Asian Arts Initiative. USA National Performance Network (NPN)
  • Ocean Carving (2011), Asian Arts Initiative/Eventual Ashes

Film Director

  • Eye Contact, short film (2012), Eventual Ashes
  • Edited Communities, short film (2010), Asian Arts Freedom School/Eventual Ashes
  • A Paper Son, short film (2003), National Film Board of Canada

Music/Spoken Word

  • Burning Money for You (2010), Solo CD
  • Thousand Mile Voice (2008), Solo CD



Name:Gein Wong
Location:Toronto, Ontario