Francesca Albright

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Francesca Albright

Francesca Albright

Francesca Albright is a Canadian playwright. She is best known for her plays Castle in the Sky, Ocean Fox, The Dublin Play and God’s Lake.

Life and Career

Currently based in Victoria, British Columbia. Francesca is a member of Alberta Playwrights’ Network, and has been since 2006, where she studied playwriting under mentor, playwright and dramaturg, Gordon Pengilly. She is the founder and co-artistic director of Castlereigh Theatre Project(created in 2007) alongside her brother, Jude Thaddeus Allen whose mandate is to create documentary plays for the theatre. Francesca and Jude “…have learned that audiences hunger for true stories that resonate within their own lives while shedding light on difficult topics”[1]

Their first play Castle in the Sky was inspired when Francesca and Jude heard of the Medicine Hat, Alberta murders that transpired in 2006 when a little girl of twelve years and her older boyfriend Jeremy Steinke of twenty three years stabbed her parents and younger brother of eight years. They were both later convicted of three counts of first degree murder. This emerging company research the events that transpired the murders and began to create a piece of theatre about these said events. This piece was first workshopped in Victoria in 2011. At Intrepid Theatre’s You Show was their first staged reading of the work. At Sage Theatre’s Ignite Festival in 2011 was the first premiere of the play. This then lead to a provincial tour as well as where the story came from at Medicine Hat. In April of 2016 this play premiered professionally over a week-long run. Castle in the Sky was then presented by Castlereigh and performed at Belfry Theatre Studio which was directed by Britt Small (Atomic Vaudeville) which was well received and got outstanding reviews. [2]

Together, they wrote two more docudramas: The Dublin Play (A Castlereigh Theatre Project and Guna Nua Theatre co-production in 2010) was about the struggle of artists in Dublin and Ocean Fox,about the toils and hardships of a master-diver in the Bahamas which was produced in Calgary at Sage’s Ignite Festival and in Victoria at the Belfry Theatre (Castlereigh Theatre Project & Sage Theatre Production) in 2013. A new version of Ocean Fox was performed at Victoria’s Intrepid Theatre Club as a staged reading in September of 2016. It featured three local actors directed by Britt Small. In 2017 God’s Lake was created to address issues of safety of young Indigenous woman and girls living in First Nation reserves that are isolated. This play uses real dialogue from people of these communities as well as interviews that took place over a six month period. This piece was written by Francesca Albright and Kevin Lee Burton an award-winning filmmaker with director Atomic Vaudeville and Britt Small. [3]


  • God’s Lake (2017)
  • Castle in the Sky (2011)
  • The Dublin Play (2013)
  • Ocean Fox (2013)


For more information of what people are talking about surrounding these plays check out the press page on the Castlereigh website.


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