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The Firehall Arts Centre (also called the Firehall Centre for the Arts) is an arts centre in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The building also falls within the borders of Gastown. Firehall is a small building, originally built as a fire station in 1906. Three theatre companies are based out of Firehall: Touchstone Theatre, Firehall Theatre Company, and Axis Mime. Firehall is devoted to exhibiting dance, performance art, and new plays Firehall is Vancouver's foremost exhibitor of experimental theatre.The theatre has a 150-seat capacity. St. James Anglican Church is diagonally opposite the intersection from Firehall.Every year, Firehall hosts a dance festival called "Dancing on the Edge" that lasts two weeks. [1]

Located in a heritage fire station built in 1906, the Firehall Arts Centre produces a season of eclectic theatre, dance and interdisciplinary performances and acts as a host to visual arts exhibitions in its intimate gallery/lounge. Each year the Centre hosts over two hundred performances bringing audiences into the heart of the city to enjoy artistic works, view art works in the gallery and sip a beverage on the enclosed courtyard.

The building that is now home to the Firehall Arts Centre served as a fire hall – the first motorized fire hall in North America – until 1975. Minor renovations to turn the building into a theatre were undertaken at that time but it was not until February 25, 1982, that the building opened as the Firehall Theatre. Later the decision was taken to change the name to the Firehall Arts Centre to better reflect all of the different arts activities that are housed in the bustling centre and that we are today! [2]

Upcoming Performeances


Mamahood: Turn and Face the Strange Oct 18-29

Miss Shakespeare Nov 5-26

Albatross Dec 7-10

Elle Feb 8-18

The Mars Hotel & Kwan Yin Feb 22-25

Refuge Mar 18-April 1

Circle Game April 29-May 20

The Hooker Monologues June 13-17

Room 2048 April 11-15 [3]



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