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Falen Johnson

Falen Johnson is Mohawk and Tuscarora from Six Nations. She is an actor, playwright and most recently a dramaturge. She went to George Brown Theatre School. [1]

Johnson has been interested in the arts since she was a child, but was extremely surprised at how little she knew of the Indigenous history in Canada. She wrote a play in high school with some friends about residential schools (late 90’s), after watching the film Where The Spirit Lives. Since extensively educating herself on the topic, she has been telling stories through art about what it truly means to be Indigenous, in both historical and today’s context. [2]

She is extremely passionate about the statistics of Indigenous injustice (especially regarding missing Indigenous women). The information that she has learned over the years never fails to shock her, and also inspires her into creating awareness. She says she will not stop telling these stories through art. She hopes through her work that non-Indigenous audiences will see contemporary women being real in a space, without editing. She wants them to see through the fourth wall to be able to hear these genuine conversations that are not talked enough about. [3]

Theatre Credits / Career

*all with Native Earth Performing Arts

She has also been seen in The Ecstasy of Rita Joe which was a joint-performance between Western Canada Theatre and The National Arts Centre.

She was also seen in The River with Nakai Theatre and Tout Comme Elle another joint-show between Necessary Angel and Luminato.

She also has done a performance of Where the Blood Mixes with Saskatchewan Native Theatre, and with Planet Indigenous and the Woodland Cultural Centre.

She has run theatre based art walks around Toronto and various other cities, titled Invisible Stories. This is where she raises awareness about racism that include her own opinions while taking a tour group through “Invisible Toronto.” [1] Falen Johnson is featured in The Moth: True Stories Told Live.

She was the acting Coordinator of IPAA from 2011-2013.

Name:Falen Johnson
Location:Six Nations


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