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Eventual Ashes is a Toronto-based performing arts company that produces and presents interdisciplinary work with strong narratives and stimulates audience discussion.

Mandate & Company History

Eventual Ashes was formed in 2008. Director, playwright, composer, and video artist Gein Wong serves as the Artistic Director. Eventual Ashes creates three types of productions:

  1. Interdisciplinary works that incorporate multimedia and technology
  2. Audience interactive and immersive pieces in non-traditional performance spaces
  3. Pieces that combine traditional and contemporary art forms. Their productions have incorporated the work of professional theatre artists, visual artists, Chinese and Western classical musicians, rock/pop/electronic musicians, traditional Chinese and modern dancers, filmmakers, video artists, poets and performance artists.

Production History

  • The Femme Playlist by Catherine Hernandez (co-production with Sulong Theatre and bcurrent theatre)
  • 9 Loons (devised)
  • The Way We Learn to Fold Our Souls by Gein Wong
  • Hiding Words (for you) by Gein Wong
  • A Song for Tomorrow by Christina Wong (Co-production with New Harlem Productions)
  • Intent City (devised)
  • Ocean Carving by Gein Wong
  • Freaks and Geeks: The Drag Musical
  • Chang(e)
  • West Asia
  • Salt Fish Girl 1: Hope and Forgetfulness by Gein Wong (with Little Pear Garden Collective)