Erika Batdorf

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Erika Batdorf, an award winning alternative theatre artist, has created, performed, directed and choreographed original theatre since 1983. Her work has appeared in Indonesia, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Finland, France, Switzerland, Copenhagen and across the USA including many NYC, Boston and Toronto venues. She has four Dora nominations, including the 2007 Summerworks’ Jury Prize winner Bird’s Eye View, and the highly acclaimed and Dora nominated Gorey Story. Batdorf is currently teaching at York University.

Name:Erika Batdorf


BSc- Experimental Theatre Lesley College, Cambridge MA

Solo Shows and Creations

BURNISH, premiered at the Venice Biennale with Nine Dragon Heads, 2015

SOS- "The Smell of the Soul" a musical cabaret with Lisa Schamberger and Christian Bestle, premiered at Salihara Theatre, Jakarta

The Red Horse is Leaving, premiered at The Theatre Centre 2007

Poetic License, premiered at Theatre Passe Muraile backspace 2005, remount 2008

kid, premiered at the Boston Theatre Centre 1998

Mr. Raisin Head premiered at the Boston Theatre Centre 1996

Waiting for the Dawn, premiered at the Dance Complex, Cambridge USA 1994

The Watcher and the Watched, premiered at the Smithsonian Institute 1991

Previously Directed:

"One Pure Longing" original collaborative creation for Luminato, 2010

Peer Gynt by Hendrick Ibsen at The Thistle Project 2009

Bird’s Eye View by E. Batdorf and F. Dupras at Foreign Landscapes 2007

Gorey Story by E. Batdorf, C. Horne, M. Romantini and Company at The Thistle Project 2006

Bandages by Deborah Fortson at Tempest Productions 1999

Two Scenes and the Blue Hour by David Mamet at Expanding the Stage 1994