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"Eleanor Albanese has spent her life immersed in the arts with a focus on arts education, theatre arts and visual arts. Her plays for young audiences have toured nationally from coast to coast. Recent productions include an adaptation of the folk tale East of the Sun; West of the Moon with Motus O, Who Cares?, a play about a girl with a developmental disability with Persephone Theatre and The Novena Sisters, a radio drama, with CBC's Little Italies Series. Eleanor's fantastical adaptation of Pinocchio, commissioned and first produced by Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young Audiences has seen three other major productions. Her full length drama The Two Rooms of Grace was included in the 1999 International Women's Playwrights Festival in Ireland.

Eleanor has been involved with many community agencies in developing collaborative arts projects. Her most recent drama project with teens, With an Open Mind focuses on issues of mental health. Eleanor continues to direct, teach and guide learners through countless residencies and programs with Learning Through the Arts, Lakehead University, Playwrights Guild of Canada, Nunavut Arctic Teacher's College, and Kiviliq School Operations. In all of her work, Eleanor hopes to inspire others to find and explore their own creative potential."



Signe's Lost Colours

The Body Image Project

The Power of One

The Two Rooms of Grace

Under the Moon with Aunt Birdie

Who Cares?

Wings of Resistance

Zak and the Magic Blue Stone


Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Award

Government of Canada Collaboration Award

Mentor Artist Award