Doreen Brownstone

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The timeless Doreen Brownstone, born in 1922, is a mainstay of the Winnipeg theatre and film scene. She started acting in the RAF during WWII, moved to Winnipeg as a war bride, and in 1958 starred opposite Gordon Pinsent in the very first production at the very first regional theatre in North America (Hatful of Rain at Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, directed by John Hirsch)

As head of Television at CBC, Hirsch also cast Brownstone regularly in the popular soap opera House of Pride.

Among her favourite roles are Emma in Over the River and Through the Woods, Miss Daisy in Driving Miss Daisy and Yenta. She has played Yenta seven times and even did a Yiddish language version of Fiddler a couple of years ago.

Much more recently she has brightened such films as Silent Night (2012), High Life (2009), and an episode of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (2011), and continued to delight theatre audiences in shows such as: Fiddler on the Roof, Over the Tavern and Over the River and Through the Woods Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Vigil and Chimera Prairie Theatre Exchange, Such Creatures for Incompletely Strangled, Remember the Night and My Affair with George Bernard Moving Target Theatre Company

In a recent CBC article celebrating Doreen's Lifetime Achievement Award from the Winnipeg Arts Council's Mayor's Luncheon for the Arts, Doreen said, "If I've given people pleasure, it was my pleasure. There is nothing more wonderful than being on stage and having a play go well and enjoying yourself and just reveling in it."