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Catch the Keys is an Edmonton based production and events company. Run by sisters Megan and Beth Dart, Catch the Keys is equal parts party starter, community activator and multidisciplinary creator. Catch the Keys is proud to bring evolutionary experiences to Albertan audiences.

What's with the Name?

Once upon a time and in humble beginnings, Catch the Keys would hold production meetings in the living room of the downtown high-rise apartment Beth and Megan shared at the time.

Because the buzzer didn’t work and the building resembled the urban equivalent of a modern day Fort Knox (there were no less than four locks between the Darts’ apartment and the outside world after all), production members used to wait in the back alley for one of the Darts to toss down keys so members could get up to the meeting.

When keys were tossed over the lip of the balcony, you could hear the phrase “Catch the Keys!” echo down the back alley.


Specializing in unique interactive parties and events, Catch the Keys Productions strikes the perfect balance between fun and function. Delivering just the right mix of traditional and forward thinking event management tactics, Catch the Keys promises a keen eye for detail, an out-of- the-box approach to event management, expert production experience and the energy and passion to bring an event to life.

Notable events include: Make Something Edmonton "Sound, Light & Movement" (2014), The Edmonton Community Foundations Chairman's Dinner Reception (2014), The Mayor's Celebration of the Arts (2014), The Edmonton Arts Council Executive Director Retirement Gala (2013), Ford of Canada Ford Family Fun Zone and Race Week Edmonton (2012), Breakfast Television and artsScene Edmonton Trip the Light (2012/2013), Big Rock Brewery and Cracked Pepper Events, Big Rock Eddies (2009 - 2011), The Edmonton International Fringe Festival Spark a Revolution Sponsorship Gala (2009)


Catch the Keys’ driving force is the creation of new work that challenges both artists and audience. Catch the Keys specializes in creative experimentation, and thrives on the challenge of finding new ways to reinvent audience experience.

Catch the Keys are multidisciplinary creators dedicated to creating unique, experiential art. Theatre, music, visual art, dance, film, technology – Catch the Keys concentrates on the new collaboration of art and expression.

Notable productions include:

Ursa Major

(2015 | C103) Catch the Keys has been named the 2014/15 Company in Residence at Catalyst Theatre, during which time Catch the Keys will workshop its newest stage production, Ursa Major. The development process will include dramaturgy of the script; intensive creative development of movement, sound and video design; a public reading with talkback; and a public presentation of selected staged scenes. Special thanks to Catalyst Theatre and Workshop West Theatre for development support.

Dead Centre of Town

(Annual | Various Locations) Edmonton's only traveling haunted house. In a new location every year, Dead Centre of Town digs up and dances with the dusty bones of Edmonton's sadly forgotten based. Based on the true history of Edmonton's past, Dead Centre of Town is an immersive, interactive horror-based performance. Past locations include: 1185 Street, Fort Edmonton Park (2014); Block 1912 (2013); Avenue Theatre (2011); New City (2010); Iron Horse (2009); The Artery (2008); The Globe (2007).

The Nextfest Nite Clubs

(Annual | The Artery) A series of late night multidisciplinary performance parties curated by Beth Dart as part of the Nextfest Emerging Arts Festival. Featuring more than 50 artists a night, the nite clubs are a frenzied showcase of immersive, emerging art of all disciplines.


(2013 | PCL Studio Theatre) Presented by Azimuth Theatre as the Emerging Company Showcase

Welcome to the curious world of Ori. The seer and keeper of all fates, Ori tugs on the universal strings that connect us, bringing acute attention to the quickly unraveling story of Lynn and Jim. Lynn and Jim were happy once, but a manipulative and devising Wolf preys on their happiness, revealing a hard but important lesson for Ori along the way.

Part folktale, part poem, Snout bring elements of contemporary choreography, inclusive set design, projection in the round and a living soundscape to draw the audience into a fully immersive experience. With no separation between audience and stage, theatre-goers can expect a departure from the norm – Ori’s door is open, and he’d like to invite you in for tea and a story.

The Kitchen Sink Project

(2013 | The Found Festival | 2010 | Canoe Theatre Festival Adventures in Whitewater Theatre) Inspired by a collection of true stories told by women of all ages and walks of life inspired by the kitchen sink.

Grandfather Tower

(2012 | Calgary Tower Stairwell as part of the High Performance Rodeo Site Specific Spectacular) Presented by Swallow-a-Bicycle. A site specific dance and spoken word performance created specifically for the 2012 High Performance Rodeo Site Specific Spectacular, performed in the stairwell of the Calgary Tower.

Art on Art

(2009 | Indie5 & System Theatre | 2008 | Nextfest Emerging Arts Festival) An artistic experiment to see if themes from visual art could be carried through music into theatrical production. All elements of this production were specifically created for this experiment.

The Revolution

(2007 | Second Playing Space, Timms Centre for the Arts, University of Alberta) A multidisciplinary experiment challenging the ability of music, visual art and theatre to communicate through technology.