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Catalyst Theatre is an Edmonton based theatre company founded in 1977.


  • Catalyst's original mandate was as a social action theatre company. In 1996 he company's mandate was radically changed to its current focus to creating original Canadian work that explores new possibilities for the theatrical art form and the process through which it is created, to exposing the work locally, nationally and internationally, and to challenging the artists and audiences who participate in the creation of this work.
  • Since 2006 Catalyst has prioritized developing and touring one large-scale production every second year with the continued collaboration of a core group of artists. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Jonathan Christenson and with the ongoing collaboration of Resident Designer Bretta Gerecke Catalyst is now known for its highly identifiable aesthetic. The company's work is characterised by a bold and distinctive theatricality that integrates a strong musical component with striking visual imagery, a heightened physical performance style, poetic text, and an often darkly comic sensibility.

Artistic Team

  • Artistic Director - Jonathan Christenson
  • Resident Designer - Bretta Gerecke
  • Managing Producer - Eva Cairns


  • Catalyst has toured its productions to the UK, across Canada, Australia and the USA since 1997.

These have included The House of Pootsie Plunket, The Blue Orphan, Frankenstein,Nevermore, The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe and most recently Vigilante.

  • Other past productions include:

Carmen Angel, Sticky Shoes, Love + Love, Dream Life, Paper Flight Cocoon Storm, Songs for Sinners, The Abundance Trilogy, Elephant Wake, Electra, My Perfect Heaven, Twelve, and Fusion: Let There Be Light.

Company in Residence

  • 2014/2015 - Catch the Keys
  • 2012/2014 - Surreal Sorreal

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