Carole Fréchette

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Carole Fréchette

Carole Fréchette is an award-winning Canadian playwright born in 1949 in Montreal, Quebec. She has written more than a dozen plays that have been performed all around the world in French and multiple other languages.

Life and Career

Carole became involved in political and feminist theatre as well as collective writing which was flourishing at the time in Quebec when she graduated from the National Theatre School’s French acting program. It was through her participation with the feminist collective company called the Théâtre des Cuisines that Fréchette began writing for the theatre .

Her intimate and direct style of writing tackles topics such as the fear of dying, the fleeting passage of time, and the difficulty of finding one’s place in the world. Fréchette’s plays are frequently set against a backdrop of political or social problems like unemployment (Les sept jours de Simon Labrosse), the female condition, and the West’s political indifference toward the rest of the planet. The theme of the West’s political indifference toward the rest of the planet is addressed in Le Collier d’Hélène, a play whose many productions around the world confirm the relevance of Fréchette’s writing. In 2001, the play Les Sept jours de Simon Labrosse, directed by French actress Romane Bohringer ran for 200 performances.

For more than twenty-five years Carole Fréchette has been a force in Québec theatre. Her plays, which have been translated in several languages, are performed all over the world. Along with multiple awards Carole Fréchette won Canada’s most prestigious theatre award “The Siminovitch Prize” in 2002. Fréchette’s work in the French-speaking world has been a huge success for her, and because of this many of her works have been translated in other languages in order to expend the theatre world. Three English translations of her plays by John Murrell, were published under the title Three Plays by Playwrights Canada Press in Toronto: The Four Lives of Marie, Seven Days in the Life of Simon Labrosse and Élisa’s Skin. Not only has her work been transated multiple times she has also lent herself in translating other playwright’s work such as Colleen Wagner’s The Monument into French.


Published in French

  • Je pense à Yu (2012)
  • Entrefilet(2012)
  • La petite pièce en haut de l’escalier (2008)
  • Sérial Killer et autres pièces courtes (2008)
  • La Pose (2007)
  • Route 1 (2004)
  • Jean et Béatrice (2002)
  • Violette sur la terre (2001)
  • Le collier d'Hélène (2000)
  • Les sept jours de Simon Labrosse (1995)
  • Les quatre morts de Marie (1991)

Published in English

  • The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs & Thinking of You (2012)
  • Earthbound (2010)
  • John and Beatrice (2005)
  • Helen’s Necklace (2005)
  • The Four Lives of Marie (2002)
  • Elisa's Skin (2002)
  • Seven Days in the Life of Simon Labrosse (2002)



  • Governor General's Award for French-language drama, Small Talk (2014)
  • Masque, Best French-Canadian production for Jean et Béatrice, Académie Québécoise du Théâtre (2005)
  • Prix Sony Labou Tansi (France) for Le Collier d’Hélène (2004)
  • Prix de la Francophonie de la SACD (2002)
  • Siminovitch Prize in Theatre (2002)
  • White Ravens Selection, International Children’s Library, Munich, Do pour Dolorès (2000)
  • Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award for The Four Lives of Marie (1998)
  • Governor General's Award for French-language drama, Les Quatre morts de Marie (1995)


  • Finalist, Grand Prix de littérature dramatique (France) for La Petite pièce en haut de l’escalier (2009)
  • Finalist, Governor General’s Award for Serial Killer et autres pièces courtes (2008)
  • Finalist, Dora Mavor Moore Awards for Elisa’s Skin (2002)
  • Finalist, Governor General’s Award for Jean et Béatrice (200)
  • Finalist, Governor General’s Award for Les Sept jours de Simon Labrosse. (1999)
  • Finalist, Governor General’s Award for La Peau d’Élisa (1998)
  • Finalist, Mr. Christie’s Book Award for Carmen (1997)
  • Finalist, Dora Mavor Moore Awards for The Four Lives of Marie (1997)





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