Calgary Young People's Theatre

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Calgary Young People's Theatre (CYPT) is a youth theatre company based in Calgary, Alberta. Founded in 1992, CYPT aims to inspire and encourage the next generation of the theatre community by providing a safe, creative space where young people can freely express themselves and their ideas. CYPT produces a theatrical season made up of 4 productions, in which youth ages 9-17 audition for the chance to be a part of a professional theatre process and performance. They offer a mentorship program providing older students or recent alumni a chance to shadow our production team to learn other theatrical skills including directing, stage management or design. CYPT currently operate out of the West Village Theatre in Calgary. Their website is

Current Staff

  1. Kristin Eveleigh - Artistic Director
  2. Gillian Webster - General Manager
  3. Jamie Dunsdon - Acting General Manager

CYPT hires professional theatre artists as teachers, directors, designers and playwrights.


Calgary Young People’s Theatre was founded in 1992 by Brian Dorscht and Jackie Pontin. In 2005, artistic directorship was passed onto Mat Mailandt, who ran the company until 2010. Kristin Eveleigh and Gillian Webster took the helm in 2010.

Since 1992, CYPT has produced over 75 plays including world premieres adaptations of Frankenstein, The Count of Monty Cristo, and A Little Princess, the Daily Mischief Trilogy and Holmes & Watson by Jason Long, and The Identity Project, an international collaboration with the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in England.

Camps & Classes

CYPT runs camps for youth ages 4-17. They offer Summer Camps and Fall & Winter camps.

Summer Camps

Currently running every summer, CYPT offers north camps out of the Unitarian Church of Calgary (without religious affiliation) and south camps out of the Riverbend Community Centre. They offer a half-day preschool camp for kids 4-6, one-week camps for kids 7-13, and two-week camps for teens 14-17. In the one-week camps, kids work with an instructor to create a short play based on the camp's theme that is performed for friends and family. The two-week teen camps create a longer play, often based on the works of William Shakespeare.

Each summer has a particular theme around which the students work. Past themes have included: "Summer of Mystery," "Supernatural Summer," and "Dramatic Blast from the Ancient Past."