Bruce Horak

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Bruce Horak" is an actor, writer, director, visual artist, and musician who currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a Cancer survivor (bilateral retinoblastoma) and has had the great fortune to work with/for many companies across Canada, the United States and Europe. Well known for his one man performance/creation of the musical, This is Cancer , Horak now has shifted gears, and focuses much of his energy within visual arts. Bruce since 2011, has been showcased at the Auburn Gallery (Calgary), The Pacific Theatre (Vancouver), The Kelowna Art Gallery (as part of the "Just Imagine" exhibit of works by Visually Impaired Artists), and at the Firehall Arts Centre (Vancouver). [1]

Life and Career

Having lost over 90% of his eyesight to a childhood Cancer, Horak has navigated the world of the fully-sighted his entire life. Bilateral Retinoblastoma (R.B.) is a cancer which appears on the retina of the eyes, the treatment of which left Horak completely blind in one eye, with extreme tunnel-vision, light sensitivity, floaters, and a cataract in the remaining eye. For the past 20 years, Horak has pursued a career in the performing arts and has won numerous awards for his performance, writing, direction, and creation. He has had the opportunity to work with many theatre companies across the country including: Lighthouse Festival Theatre (Port Dover), The Georgian Theatre Festival (Meaford, Ontario), Hectik Theatre (Regina), Nakai Theatre (Whitehorse), Workshop West (Edmonton), Alberta Theatre Projects, Quest Theatre, and Theatre Calgary. [2]


  • Betty Mitchell Award nomination: Outstanding new work, "What You Can't See" 1999
  • Just For Laughs, Frankie Award, Best Comedy, "The Canada Show" 2002
  • Critic's Pick, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver Fringe Theatre Festivals "The Canada Show", "The Big Rock Show", "Fringe Show", 'Freud V.S. Hid Ego"
  • Betty Mitchell Award, Outstanding Performance, "This is CANCER" 2007
  • Betty Mitchell Award, Outstanding Performance, "Evil Dead: The Musical" 2009
  • TWISI Award, Halifax, "This is CANCER" 2012
  • Critics Pick, Performance, Writing, Production, "Assassinating Thomson", 2013