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The BONFIRE FESTIVAL is Rapid Fire Theatre's annual romp through the world of experimental long-form improv. It takes place each April.


BONFIRE allows all members of The Rapid Fire Ensemble to take risks, innovate, and direct brand new shows. Show concepts may be based on ideas they’ve dreamed up themselves, collaborations with local talent, or formats they have taken part in while touring abroad. This means that everything you see at BONFIRE is brand new to Edmonton.


BONFIRE started in 2011, when Rapid Fire Theatre was still performing at The Varscona Theatre. In 2012, the company moved to the Citadel, where the festival now takes place.

The festival was created with several goals in mind: to give ensemble members an opportunity to work together and to try new ideas, and to give audience members the opportunity to see something completely new for an affordable price (a festival pass is just $30).

Shows & Collaborations

Some past shows at BONFIRE have included:

  • Royal Zissou Academy - a Wes Andersen-inspired longform
  • Cat's Cradle - a format created by Chicago's Charna Halparn, which explores a theme with organic transformations
  • Slippery Sounds - a collaboration with Edmonton's Boreal Electro Acoustic Music Society
  • Backwards Theatresports - a whole Theatresports show backwards
  • Double Exposure - a format developed by Amy Shostak, in which 4 scenes overlap in space
  • Tramps Like Us - a Bruce Springsteen inspired longform
  • Hostage - a format created by Vancouver's Tom Hill, where an improvisor is trapped in a room with a video camera
  • The Coven - witches predict an audience member's future

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