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Georgina Beaty, Jonathan Seinen, and Greg Gale on the road to Fort McMurray, Alberta, February 22, 2009.

Architect Theatre was founded in 2008 by Georgina Beaty and Jonathan Seinen.


Architect Theatre is propelled by stories untold, by rocks unturned, by relationships unexposed. We refuse pre-fabricated housing. We build theatre pieces that respond to the dynamic lives they express and constantly seek to subvert and re-invent our methodology so that we, and our audiences, honestly hear each story we tell.[1]

Ongoing Projects

Currently, Architect Theatre is developing a piece currently titled The Golden Spike (formerly titled The Pipeline Project), a research-based play about pipelines in Northern BC. Georgina Beaty and Jonathan Seinen have been joined by Director Anita Rochon for this project. Research began in November 2012 when the company spent three weeks travelling between Prince George and Kitimat, BC, and returned again in October 2013 to continue development.[2]

Production History

Since 2009, Architect Theatre has created and produced research-based plays across Canada.

Highway 63: The Fort Mac Show (2009)

  • Created by Georgina Beaty, Layne Coleman, Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman, Greg Gale, and Jonathan Seinen. Between 2009–2013, Highway 63 toured across Canada.[3]

This Must Be The Place: The CN Tower Show (2012)

  • Created by Georgina Beaty, Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman, Greg Gale, Ingrid Hansen, Thomas Olajide, and Jonathan Seinen with Layne Coleman. In 2012, This Must Be The Place was produced by Theatre Passe Muraille as part of their Theatre Beyond Walls season.[4]

How Should You Be? (2013)

  • Directed by Georgina Beaty with Creation Dramaturgy by Jonathan Seinen with Second Year Acting Students at Langara College's Studio 58 Theatre School,[5] How Should You Be? was subsequently produced at upintheair theatre's rEvolver Festival in 2014.[6]

Unknown Soldier (2014)


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