Amy Shostak

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Amy Shostak is an artist from Edmonton, Alberta, where she was born and raised.


Amy has been performing with Edmonton's longest-running improv company, Rapid Fire Theatre, since 2002. She was Artistic Director from 2010-2015.

She appears regularly in Rapid Fire's shows Theatresports, CHiMPROV, and Maestro. Amy is a trainer and judge for Rapid Fire’s high school festival, The Wildfire. She also leads workshops for the public at the Rapid Fire Academy, as well as corporate workshops on leadership and team-building.

Improv has taken Amy many places. She has performed at the Canadian Comedy Awards in Toronto, the Vancouver International Improv Festival (ViiF), the Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival, Monkeyfest in Bogota, the Lost in Translation Festival in Milan, the Wurzburger Impro Festival, the Berlin Impro Festival, the Dad’s Garage World Domination Theatresports Tournament in Atlanta, and Vancouver Theatresports League’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

She has created and directed several improv formats, most notably a show called "Double Exposure," which she directed at the Vancouver International Improv Festival in 2013.

As Artistic Director, she moved the company from the Varscona Theatre (their home of two decades) to the Citadel Theatre, in order to double their programming. She also created two new festivals: The Prairie Bowl and Bonfire.

Amy Shostak. Photo by Pedersen.

Amy has written many comedy shows collaboratively. These include:

  • Gossamer Obsessions (with Paul Blinov)
  • A Watched Pot Never Boyles (with Arlen Konopaki)
  • HAG! (with Kirsten Rasmussen)
Other Scripted Theatre

Amy has appeared in the following scripted plays:


Amy appears regularly on Superchannel's Tiny Plastic Men.

Amy has also appeared on The Irrelevant Show, and This is That on CBC Radio.


Amy is passionate about her city. She is a founding member of The Theatre Edmonton Project, an initiative aimed at accelerating Edmonton's Theatre Community. She is former co-chair of Make Something Edmonton, a community-building initiative centred around action. She still sits on the Make Something Edmonton board. Amy is a member of The University of Alberta's Alumni Council, and serves on the Alumni Student Council Committee.