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Alec Butler (born 1959) is a Canadian playwright and filmmaker.

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Life and Career

Butler was born in 1959 in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He is a Métis of Mi'kmaq heritage.[1] Butler was assigned female at birth, despite being born intersex. He has written at length about his experiences growing up in rural East Coast communities in the 1960's and 70's and the social stigma he faced for identifying as lesbian and gender-queer. He pursued gender reassignment in 1999, and currently identifies as a Two-Spirit trans-man. Prior to his gender reassignment, his work was published under the name Audrey Butler.[2]

He was a nominee for the Governor General's Literary Award for English Drama in 1990 for his play Black Friday?.[3]

Butler served as co-artistic director of TemperMental Journey, a playwright-centred company devoted to creating provocative and entertaining theatre in the spirit of social change and artistic excellence. TemperMental Journey staged the premiere productions of Butler's Black Friday? and Medusa Rising.[4]

More recently, he has worked on artistic projects with The 519 Church St. Community Centre as their first artist-in-residence. He was named one of Toronto's Vital People by the Toronto Community Foundation in 2006.[5]

Butler has had two books published, Radical Perversions: 2 Dyke Plays by Audrey Butler published by Women's Press in 1991, and a novella called Rough Paradise published in 2014 by Quattro Books.[6]

Written Works

  • Shakedown
  • Cradle Pin
  • Black Friday? (1990)
  • Claposis (1990)
  • Radical Perversions: 2 Dyke Plays (1991)
  • Medusa Rising (1992)
  • Hardcore Memories (1993)
  • Trans Cab (2005)
  • Rough Paradise (2014)


  • Trans Mission: Get Yer Motor Runnin'

A one-man show performed at A-Space, Toronto, 2003.

  • Misadventures of PussyBoy: First Love / Sick / First Period

Screened at many queer film and video festivals. First Love won the Charles Street Award for Emerging Video and Filmmakers in 2002 at the InsideOut Festival in Toronto.

  • Audrey's Beard

Named one of the top ten films about transitioning by Curve magazine.[7]

  • 5 Seconds of Fame

Commissioned by Toronto's Pride Committee for Pride Toronto, 2007.

  • My Friend, Brindley

Works in progress; experimental doc about human rights activist and painter, Kathleen Brindley.

  • Darla's Goodbye

A film based on a short story of the same name published in Red Light: Superheroes, Saints and Sluts.[8]

  • Trans Cabaret: The Video



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