A Soldier's Tale

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A Soldier's Tale is a multi-disciplinary production written by Tara Beagan. The piece was directed by Michael Greyeyes and was produced by the Signal Theatre in Toronto. The 13-member cast included actors and dancers, mixing spoken word, music and movement. The piece was originally performed at the Fleck Dance Theatre in February 2014.


The work examines the enduring psychological toll that ripples out from a soldier’s wartime experience to engulf family and friends. Officially named Operational Stress Injury in the Canadian Forces, its consequences can range from alcoholism and spousal abuse to severe emotional disorders that have too often led to suicide. The story surrounds one character, John Joseph (played by Keith Barker) The action takes place in Saskatchewan as soldiers return from the Second World War. The second act of the 90-minute production jumps six decades to the age of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, where the clear-cut, good-versus-evil drivers of earlier wars became morally muddy. Yet, different though wars may be, the soldier’s experience — the fear, the struggle to survive, the residual guilt — remain constant[1].
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