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2b is a professional theatre company dedicated to creating, producing, and touring original theatre productions. The company is led by Artistic Co-Directors Christian Barry and Anthony Black. Michael Kleinberg Bassel joined the company as General Manager in February of 2013.

Artistic Vision

2b theatre company strives to stimulate the mind and awaken the spirit by producing theatre that is vital, innovative, and challenging. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the company creates, produces, presents, and tours original works for regional, national, and international stages. Its work is part of the evolution of contemporary theatre aesthetics, engaging audiences both emotionally and intellectually.


2b theatre company will be be one of Canada’s leading creators of new theatre, with productions that fully explore the relationship between the audience, the performers and the space they share.

2b theatre company will continue to grow a large and loyal audience locally, nationally, and internationally. Its audiences will be engaged, informed, and willing to take risks. They are part of a larger dialogue that carries the impact of the work into the realm of personal and public debate.

The company will have the artistic, financial, and administrative resources to be a sustainable and dynamic creation laboratory for new work. Productions will be developed with committed artists over a period of time sufficient to ensure that the work achieves its maximum potential.


Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2b theatre company is mandated to:

  • Create, develop and produce original theatre
  • Present work in its home community
  • Tour work regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Work collaboratively with artists, designers and production staff to develop work, support individual growth, and evolve the art form
  • Develop collaborative relationships with peer organizations to support our mission
  • Engage in education and internship activity to develop artistic, production, design and administrative personnel
  • Undertake community outreach activity and partner to enhance dialogue and the impact of artistic product
  • Source funds as required to support our work


The company was founded in 1999 by Christian Barry, Anthony Black, Andrea Dymond, Zach Fraser, and Angela Gasparetto: a group of emerging artists seeking a structure under which to create and produce work. The company was incorporated in May of 2000 under the name Bunnies in the Headlights Theatre and received status as a registered charity later that year.

As the artists evolved, so did the company. In 2004 Barry and Black took over as artistic co-directors, refined the company’s artistic vision, and reinvented the company as 2b theatre.

Since its founding, 2b has staged 16 productions, including 12 world premieres. Productions have toured to 34 cities in nine provinces and one territory in Canada, and 9 countries covering 4 continents. In Halifax, across Canada, and abroad, 2b has earned a reputation for work that is innovative and precise, intelligent and moving.

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